Are we there yet?

The land on the corner of Veron Rd and Hillview St, Woy WoyThe land on the corner of Veron Rd and Hillview St, Woy Woy


My knowledge of local road network conditions was enhanced recently when I travelled south along Hillview Street in the afternoon.

The highlight was the queue of motor vehicles extending down Dulkara Road, along Hillview Street onto Veron Road.

It is my recollection that evidence was given to the JRPP hearing that assessed the 161-bed aged care facility, there were no road network problems in the area and there would be no network impact when the development was completed.

The three appointed independent planning experts supported this opinion.

When the 161-bed facility is completed, increased activity to supply goods and services to the facility and patients will exacerbate the already congested road network.

Another example of fake reports accepted by assessing authority adding to the Peninsula’s infrastructure problems.

‘Are we there yet’ is now a familiar expression heard from the front seat not the back of the family people mover.

Has the pandemic increased road network use on the Peninsula?

If the answer is yes, all previous studies are out of date.

Letter, 22 Oct
N. Harris, Umina