Airport costs could be better spent

Overlooking the airport at Warnervale

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It’s interesting that the NSW Government is pushing ahead with the repeal of the Warnervale Airport (Restrictions) Act that limited flights and the runway length, among other important safeguards for Wyong Shire residents.

So, now, as the Central Coast Council finds itself in these dire financial circumstances, it is surely time to pause and look at our needs and wants closely.

Can we really afford to continue to prop up this aerodrome for very few residents to the tune of $500,000 or more each and every year?

I think not, and even with the repeal, it will not pay its way.

No small regional aerodrome is financially viable across the State.

This is an easy save and maybe they could look to reinstate the Landcare Supervisors who are on less than $30 an hour for a couple of hours a week.

They, along with their hard working loyal volunteers, do a tremendous job helping to fill large holes in Central Coast Council’s environmental care and repair work.

That would be a really good start.

Email, Oct 24,
Susan Wynn, Mannering Park