Tough start to life for Dobby

This baby possum survived a hit and run in its mother’s pouch

A baby possum has been saved after surviving a hit and run in his mother’s pouch.

The young brushtail possum was still suckling on its deceased mothers teat when found by a member of the public.

The youngster, later named Dobby, was brought to the Australian Reptile Park and rushed into 24/7 care by mammal keepers.

Australian Reptile Park Director, Liz Gabriel, said Dobby is in good health but warned it can be a challenge caring for young orphan animals.

“It’s hard to know if they’ve been exposed to disease, are malnourished or even injured in the accident,” Gabriel said.

“But he’s pulled through like a true champion.”

Dobby requires bottle feeds almost every hour, hydration feeds every two, and remains inside a pouch and kept under heat.

Gabriel has urged the public to slow down in wildlife areas as cars are one of the largest threats to Australian wildlife.

“If safe, please check pouches if you see an animal on the side of the road,” Gabriel said.

“Joeys can survive for up to 48 hours after the mother has died.

“If you find a joey, contact your closest animal rescue organisation like W.I.R.E.S.”

The baby brushtail possum will remain in the care of Australian Reptile Park staff until he is strong enough to be released back to the wild.

Jacinta Counihan

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