Taking David Attenborough’s lead

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I have decided my successful campaign to restore the façade of the Council Chambers in Gosford will not be a one-off event.

I am in the process of planning [a continuation of] my successful campaign strategy that will take place outside the Council Chambers Gosford, at an appropriate time depending on my health as I am recovering from major surgery.

I will be supporting Sir David Attenborough and the world’s best climate change scientists.

Sir David said recently that the matter of climate change action will still be urgent when the peak/s of the COVID-19 pandemic have passed.

I have had enough of the big end of town ruining my life and life on the planet.

I am a proud national serviceman and Vietnam veteran.

I have been trained for conflict, but I never expected it to be on my back doorstep.

I call on all concerned residents to support Sir David Attenborough and the world’s best climate change scientists before sea level rises above the levels adopted by councillors at the Gosford Council meeting, March 10, 2015, which was the medium scenario.

The Central Coast Regional Strategy (CCRS, 2008) set clear population increase numbers of +30,000 by 2031/ this equates to an increase of 1,304 residents per year.

The CCRP target is 75,500 or a population increase above the CCRS of 38,979.

Why has the State Government increased the population target and who are the beneficiaries?

Letter, Sep 17
N. Harris, Umina Beach