More loutish behaviour

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As a retired secondary teacher of a so-called “elitist” school, I too sadly and wholeheartedly agree with H. Padmanabha’s Forum letter (Oct 2).

My husband and I had occasion to travel by public bus which collected students from Gosford High School and a private school.

We were saddened by the complete disregard for other passengers on the overcrowded and full bus, with loutish, loud and disgusting behaviour.

By comparison, students from the private school were polite, delightful and helped younger students from falling.

I, too, wrote to both principals.

I received a thanks from one; can you guess which one failed to reply?

I feel sad for the future our beloved country; one which we should be so grateful for.

But as my former principal once stated: “Privilege is not a right; privilege brings responsibility”.

Email, Oct 3
B. Miller. Kincumber

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