Mangrove Mountain markets moves

A selection of goodies that were available at the markets

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I just want to say thank you to the Coast Community News team for the many years of support in advertising our markets at Mangrove Mountain Hall.

As a result of your generous sponsorship we have been able to raise a lot of money with ‘Mangrove District Markets’ over the last 16 years.

These funds paid the bills and did repairs at Mangrove Mountain Heritage Hall and helped with costs to set up the Fairview committee to hopefully get that homestead in the valley restored in the future.

Times have changed and the new hall committee has chosen to ‘suspend the markets indefinitely’.

We don’t want to let our valued customers and donors down after all these years.

Therefore, we are a work in progress, smaller, but still raising funds for our community.

We will be at the corner of George Downes Dr and Bloodtree Rd, each Saturday 8.30am-3pm, rain, hail or whatever.

We have plenty of enthusiasm, soap, water, handwash etc. love to see you.

There are lots of ideas for a new home in the future, but this works for now.

Letter, Sep 17
Margaret Pontifex, Mangrove Mountain

Editor’s Note: … actually, Margaret, all of us here at CCN want to thank YOU for all YOUR support over many years and for all your wonderful work for The Mountain Community, not to mention being our favourite paper girl! RB