Hospital reassures community on safe practices

Berkeley Vale Private Hospital has assured the community that comprehensive procedures are in place to protect patients from the spread of COVID-19.

The iteration comes after recent feedback from a patient experience group indicated that many were concerned about the pandemic, as they fall into the high risk/vulnerable category for COVID.

A spokesperson for the hospital said staff have implemented safe work practices and have innovated rehabilitation for patients at the hospital who are often in a vulnerable stage of recovery.

“Temperature checks, wearing of masks, hand hygiene compliance, social distancing and screening are ways of protecting our recovering patients.

“The comprehensive rehabilitation schedule of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, exercise physiology and psychology have been modelled to provide patients with safe interaction with fellow patients.

“Staff at Berkeley Vale Private are aware that mounting safety precautions potentially challenge patients as visitation is compromised.

“As employees of Ramsay Health, the staff at Berkeley Vale Hospital want to share and encourage the community of the Central Coast to engage in good infection control with the expert resources they have been trained with.”

Dilon Luke