Happy wife happy sculptor

Pete Rush’s latest beach sculpture Photo: Zee Merven

People can only be enthused by Pete Rush’s sculptures made entirely from bits and pieces of vegetation, and his latest, at Long Jetty and Chittaway Bay, are outstanding. (Coast Chronicle p1 Oct 14 and p19 Oct 21)

I spoke to him recently while he was building one of his creations at Terrigal, and among other things, he said his wife told him he should go and get a real job!

Well, there is an answer to this and it will keep all people happy.

Why doesn’t Central Coast Council engage Pete on a commercial level to create his creatures from time to time.

As I have said, it keeps everybody happy.

The community will appreciate the wonderful imagination of Pete Rush while at the same time keeping Mrs Rush happy.

As I say, a win-win situation.

Email, Oct 20
Steve Cutler, The Entrance

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