Dead trees a fuse for bushfires

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As we enter the bushfire season Kincumba Mountain is primed and ready to blow.

The bike riders have come in with saws and axes removing branches, cutting down trees and slashing scrub.

In carving their network of trails they have created piles of dry timber neatly piled through the bush.

The grove of mature banksias – once a food source for black cockatoos – is now dead and dying as the fire trail cut through the tree roots.

It will be an ideal fuse.

The trails are easy to find – white arrows are painted on trees to give you directions and all signage prohibiting bike riding or marking sacred land has been removed.

Time to visit for a picnic (camping is not permitted because of the damage it might cause) before the whole lot goes up in smoke.

Email, Oct 1
M. McGowan, Erina