Councils commit to a sustainable recovery

Mayor Lisa Matthews

Central Coast Council is among more than 40 councils nationwide to commit to a sustainable economic recovery following COVID-19.

A joint statement released by the councils commits to economic recovery solutions that create jobs and tackle climate change.

The councils aim to support industries and sectors that invest in a zero carbon future, along with driving strong economic recovery for communities hit hard by twin climate and COVID-19 crises.

The joint statement outlines eight solutions from renewable energy through to sustainable transport which the councils say will put local government on a practical, jobs-rich path to future-proof cities, reduce energy costs and create more comfortable homes and workplaces.

Among key solutions are: driving renewable energy and storage; accelerating sustainable transport; rolling out energy efficient measures, increasing vegetation and urban greening, enhancing organic waste collection and prioritising local businesses, skills and suppliers.

Central Coast Mayor Lisa Matthews said Council was pleased to be a member of the Cities Power Partnership.

“Our community values the natural environment on the Central Coast and has asked us to take action to address climate change and its impacts.

“I am proud to see we have selected the six pledges that were identified as the most likely to have the highest impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“These actions will strengthen our ability to incorporate renewable energy and energy efficiency into future planning, while also having positive economic benefits by reducing Council’s electricity costs and helping us move towards a circular economy model.

“I look forward to next steps of developing relationships with other Councils involved in this fantastic national program to help improve what we can achieve for our community to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the effects of climate change.”

Terry Collins