Amalgamation has not been a good thing for residents

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Three years of amalgamation (Chronicle Sept 16 “New amalgamated Council three years on) has led to less transparency, minimal contact with staff on issues that concern the ratepayers and the State Government’s intent with dictating the future of the Central Coast without a whimper from the directors of council.

First it was the forced Central Coast Regional Plan 2036, not asking the residents what they wanted for the future but telling us, and 40,500 more residential blocks with a population increase bigger than that proposed for the new Badgerys Creek City for Sydney’s second airport.

There’s over $180M worth of mineral extractions per annum, without indicating where it is to occur and the appointment of a Co-ordinator General, Lee Shearer, to tell us what we need without any community consultation.

Then the introduction of the first of many Structure Plans (Lake Munmorah), full of deception, smoke and mirrors, influenced by developers whose concern for profit is simply above sustainability or liveability.

The latest, the formation and forced placement of Regional and Local Planning Panels above our elected councillors.

Planning Panel representative members have been politically appointed, with most not living on the Central Coast and several having very little understanding of their appointed wards or why they were chosen.

Central Coast Council has simply laid over to the whim of State Government wishes without raising an objection or concern.

These appointed panellists are unapproachable and untouchable and unless the community raises total objection, the changes to the Central Coast will not reflect the wishes of the community for “Our way of Life” and the protection of our bushland and beaches.

Email, Sep 9
Gary Blaschke, Lake Munmorah