A very fashionable raft

avoca raftThe fashion raft 'HMAS Kahui' created by Weave Dibden Neck on Avoca lagoon. Image copyright Emily Ash-Turner 2020.

International fashion designer, Weave Dibden Neck, has created a raft from recycled materials as a way of promoting her new fashion label, Ukiyo-co, and as a creative way to survive and thrive the fashion industry downturn.

The raft is built from recycled milk bottles, bamboo, and twine sourced from around Avoca Lagoon.

She “launched” the raft with family and friends, complete with a champaign christening, and a short tour of the lagoon.

Video interview with Weave and footage of the launch – in 5@5 weekly news

Dibden Neck hopes to inspire others to create artwork from recycled materials.

“The symbolism behind the raft is quite deep,” Dibden Neck said.

“The idea is of escapism, floating and stillness, and not being able to move around in my career.

“The idea of the raft is leaving something without having to ask anyone for help.

She collected milk bottles from her local café Like Minds and bamboo was collected from the side of the road.

“It is completely organic in that it is built out of all recycled materials and has taken around a month and a half to build.” said Weave.

Jacinta Counihan