The abandoned supermarket trolley problem


I would like to take the opportunity to express a bug bear of mine – the continual theft and dumping of supermarket trolleys.

Every day, we see some dumped somewhere but one of the worst dump sites is outside 213 Brisbane Water Dr, Point Clare near Fairhaven Village.

There is no excuse for this.

Understandably, people might not have transport at hand to convey groceries, etc, from a supermarket but if they can push a trolley, they can always buy/obtain a hand-held pull along trolley.

They are not expensive and are easy to use.

These won’t be dumped!

The notion by some people that supermarket trolleys are free for the taking and then discarding them and creating an unsightly mess is unacceptable.

These individuals are not only selfish, they are inconsiderate in that pedestrians (and/or vehicles) may be obstructed and injury or other damage may occur.

And of course, nowadays there is also the added health risk to the supermarket staff that are forced to perform a retrieval process.

This has been going on for years and I wonder if anything can be done?

Email, Aug 27
G. MacDonald, Point Clare