Ongoing mobility access issue may be solved

The ongoing issue of mobility access to The Pavilion at Woy Woy could finally come to an end after representatives from both Deepwater Plaza and The Pavilion met to discuss possible works yesterday afternoon.

Plans are said to include a new zebra crossing between the two premises, as well as a portion of the gutter being levelled for wheelchair and mobility assistance devices to access the Pavilion’s pavement.

An additional access point for shopping trolleys and wheelchairs within the carpark is also thought to have been agreed upon.

The crossing between The Pavilion and Deep Water Plaza

There is currently a ramp from the shop level to the street but no safe means for people with mobility issues to safely travel from the ramp and down to the carpark due to the high kerb and guttering.

Aron Korani, a representative for the owners of The Pavilion, said this has been a subject of frustration for many years and was happy to finally see some positive change to facilitate the needs of the Woy Woy community.

“We couldn’t be happier with the outcome and look forward to working with Deepwater Plaza in the coming days and weeks and providing the public a safe and happy journey between the two premises,” Mr Korani said.

Works at The Pavilion – Image Mark Ellis

“Everyone is excited and optimistic for construction to begin.”

A Dexus spokesperson agreed there had been discussions between the two parties but refused to confirm a firm plan was in place.

“Deepwater Plaza’s manager Dexus are in discussions with the neighbouring building (The Pavilion) owners’ representatives to improve accessibility between the Deepwater Plaza car park and The Pavilion,” the Dexus representative said. 

“Both parties are working through possible solutions to improve pedestrian access and safety between the two buildings in a timely manner.”

Members of the community have previously expressed their concerns about the lack of access to The Pavilion, specifically due to the type of businesses in the centre.

On a public forum, many residents noted that there is currently a COVID-19 testing clinic at The Pavilion that is inaccessible to many people with mobility issues as well as a gym (with a lift) and a pathology clinic.

Prior to this new development, Woy Woy resident Mark Ellis said he was disappointed by the lack of action taken on this issue. 

“It’s not only a restriction on businesses, it’s a restriction on people’s ability to move around.

“It comes down to a deeper problem with private certifiers [and] the whole planning system … you can have a private certifier in, say Liverpool, who has never been to a place, doesn’t know it exists, and they can just put these things through.

“The people that lose out are the people of the community.”

Mr Ellis previously contacted Coast Community News via email and noted that the current roadworks happening at the Deepwater Plaza is making this lack of access to the ramp more difficult than ever.

The Plaza is currently undergoing construction with the Coles carpark being re levelled, including a new surface and like making, as well as solar shade structures being installed for approximately 100 car spaces.

These improvements will extend to George Street and the ground level of the multi-deck carpark.

Maisy Rae