Not happy with bank branch closures

The Commonwealth Bank at The Entrance is still closed

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Is there one greedy large bank that has any thoughts towards assisting their customers, especially the elderly and the disabled?

It is getting harder to reach any ANZ branch (Chronicle September 23 “Westpac and ANZ bank branches to close”).

On the up side for building societies, they are collecting more customers.

It was hard enough when the ANZ closed Toukley branch, now Lake Haven, making the only branches for customers are Charlestown or Tuggerah/Bateau Bay which are impossible to get to without long travel in a bus if you are a customer that does not drive.

Does the CEO Shayne Elliott care?

Not an inch does he care!

He came to Australia from New Zealand waffling on about how he was going to improve the ANZ Bank and look after customers, but Mr Elliott has ruined the ANZ Bank.

Mr Elliott couldn’t care less about the ANZ customers, his main project is to get his big fat pay packet each week and eventually skip back to New Zealand to retire in style.

Mr Elliott has no concern whatsoever for the elderly nor the disabled.

As for ANZ Bank automatic teller machines, if a customer can locate one, that is a joke, the one you finally locate is either filthy (if outside), or broken down (out of order).

So where does one go then?

As there is neither an ANZ branch or an ANZ ATM handy, then the customer has to resort to a working ATM from another outlet, and at that point, the ANZ hits the ever suffering customer with a charge.

Recently, I attempted to take my money from an ANZ ATM within a centre and twice the screen read “over the limit”.

Now, the ANZ bank is starting to control how much a customer can remove of their own cash.

Next move from the ANZ Bank will be “sorry, no cash out”.

I am absolutely disgusted with the ANZ and am moving now to a building society.

Email, Sep 29
Frances Fletcher, Gwandalan

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