Learning from our mistakes

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I must thank B. Hyland of Woy Woy for his contribution (CCN September 18) and may I add to that by enlightening all, that Councillor Holstein has made tremendous contribution in the areas such as the stadium in Gosford, the Peninsula Pool in Woy Woy and his continuing effort to confront our problems.

(A major problem) is over population with smaller resources in the future.

Let’s step back and examine that first, then make better decisions for the future of the area and the nation.

We also must examine the problem of over-paying our public servants; and also take a look at the greedy CEOs of companies.

In Germany they have a national super pension paid in by the employer, employee and the government.

When people retire, they are paid 2/3 of their last salary CPI increased.

Maybe we can all learn by our mistakes for the future of the nation.

Email, Sep 19
R. Findley, Point Clare

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