Dementia Nurse Specialist appointed

Jo Luhr

Hamlyn Terrace’s Hakea Grove Aged Care is excited to announce the appointment of a Dementia Nurse Specialist, Jo Luhr, as part of Dementia Action Week.

Hakea Grove CEO, Jo Heslin, said Luhr has worked in dementia specific care for over 30 years, has a Masters of Dementia Care and has over 40 years’ experience in the industry.

“Dementia Care is a passion of Jo’s and it is a growing issue within our community.

“As people are living longer, we are seeing the incidence of living with dementia increasing and as such we need to ensure that we use the best practise dementia principals to ensure that we provide quality aged care for our residents,” Heslin said.

With Dementia Action Week wrapping up on September 27, Heslin said that many who worked in the aged care sector were hopeful that the general public would take the time to better educate itself on the realities of dementia and dementia care.

“People living with dementia are one of the most vulnerable in aged care because of the stigma around the diagnosis and the misconception that all people living with dementia will develop behaviours that may be challenging to care for.

“Dementia Action Week explores discrimination and dementia.

“Dementia Australia continues to call on all Australians to consider how discrimination impacts people living with dementia, their families and carers,” Heslin said.

Dilon Luke