Darkinjung culture inspires Woodport PS mural

Woodport PS’s new mural

Erina’s Woodport Public School has a colourful new addition.

The school recently unveiled a new mural, with the artwork reflecting the school’s strong sense of community and its design an acknowledgement of the traditional custodians of the land.

“We are very fortunate to have a beautiful new mural hanging proudly on our sport shed on the oval,” Principal, Judy Boland, explained.

“A big thank you to Mrs Clayton for researching, designing and painting the masterpiece with the assistance of children on Ernie Rewards Day.

“Also, thanks to Mr Brown for preparing the boards, painting the shed, ensuring a wonderful backdrop for the artwork and for securing it to the shed.

“It certainly brings the playground to life,” Boland continued.

Inspiration for the design was drawn from the Darkinjung people whose diet was seasonal and consisted of a variety of seafood during the warmer months and land animals during cooler weather.

“In addition, plants and berries were consumed including yams, roots of some ferns and Burrawang Palm seeds (these can be seen in the artwork).

“Front and centre is the whale (the animal totem for this area) which holds significance not only to the Darkinjung, but also to our community as Ernie the whale-boat is our school mascot.

“One side of the artwork looks more at the country, connections with land and one another, as well as paying tribute to the devastation of bushfire.

“The greenery on the opposite side acknowledges regeneration and life.

“The artwork aims to identify the historical and cultural importance of Darkinjung people, their relationship with this area, the land and its resources, and how our school community celebrates these connections,” Boland said.

Newsletter, Aug 26
Judy Boland, Woodport Public School