Community should not bear responsibility for beachfront properties


It is good to see a glimmer of common sense on the question of waterfront properties (“Greens advocate for planned retreat along beachfront”, CCN 258).

Leaving aside the issue of how private property frontages were ever allowed to encroach on beaches that should always be completely open to the public, there is now no public-interest aspect to maintaining private properties under threat from natural erosion processes.

As a one-time owner of a beach property who has seen rows of waterfront properties swept away on two separate occasions, I understand exactly how the owners feel.

My own property was never in danger, because I built it properly in the first place, but anyone who hasn’t done so now has to face the consequences of their own short-sightedness.

The construction of protective works to save badly sited and badly built houses is a counterproductive action and completely unjustified.

If the private owners are determined to hang onto their properties, it appears that a number of the houses threatened could be moved back on the properties and re-seated on engineered pile footings, but the community has no responsibility for the others.

Email, Sep 4
Bruce Hyland, Woy Woy.