Build a sea wall


Planned Retreat is just about the dumbest unproven theory since the flat earth society actually existed.

These galoops ignore the facts and the science – we have thousands and thousands of poles, jetties, anchors, posts in our waterways and no evidence of the water rising.

There is a 90 year old boat house in Blackwall – go and have a look for yourself – no waters rising.

This theory about standing back to let God do its thing from people who don’t believe in God is madness.

It has cost many home-owners thousands in extra insurance costs.

The homeowners in Wamberal have tried for years, spent money on engineering studies, offered to pay their share but have just been knocked back by the “do-nothing” un-godly greens.

If we stand aside as the “do-nothings” want and let the ocean in at least $100M plus of public infrastructure in Ocean View Dr etc. will be damaged.

But if we build a sea wall as has been done in many places in Australia and abroad, including Cronulla and the Gold Coast, we will have a solution.

Email, Sep 2
Godfrey Franz, Gosford

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