Amalgamation of Club Wyong RSL with Mounties Group to go to a vote

Club Wyong RSL

Club Wyong RSL Club and Mounties Group are proceeding with amalgamation discussions and the proposal will go to a members’ vote in October.

Chief Executive Officer of Club Wyong RSL, Angela Sanders, said a workable Memorandum of Understanding had been developed and there were many synergies between the two organisations that positively assured the Board of what could be a strong and beneficial partnership.

“At the forefront of our amalgamation discussions has been what is in the best interest for our club and members, and we are confident of a beneficial partnership with Australia’s leading club group,” she said.

“A special general meeting has been scheduled for October 25, at which time a formal vote with full financial members will be undertaken to consider proceeding with the proposed amalgamation.

“In order to discuss the Memorandum of Understanding with members, we are scheduling a series of member information sessions prior to the October meeting, when our members can hear of the amalgamation plans and any questions can be answered,” Sanders said.

She said the club industry in Australia was already in decline well before the global coronavirus pandemic and for many clubs, like Club Wyong RSL, the idea of staying true to their heritage and limiting change remained of great importance.

“The plans for amalgamation with a parent club came about prior to the pandemic.

“However, the past six months have certainly reiterated the impact that the economic environment can have on a traditional RSL club like ours,” Sanders said.

“Club Wyong RSL is dedicated to operating in a financially sustainable way, while maintaining our focus on supporting and looking after our members, and this would not change with an amalgamation.

“We are excited at the prospect of securing our future with an association with Mounties Group who are committed to supporting members and giving back to the communities in which they operate,” Sanders said.

Sue Murray