Take 3 for the Sea awarded a grant for a national online education program

Take 3 for the Sea will be rolling out a new online education program in March, 2021, for Surf Life Saving Clubs across Australia, after the organisation was awarded a grant by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority.

The new revamped online program will differ slightly by offering clubs more flexibility with access to information.

The aim of the initiative is to inform and empower clubs and their communities on how they can be part of the solution to plastic pollution washing up on coastal beaches.

Education sessions will focus on the damage that plastic has on coastal and marine environments and will strive to provide knowledge on how surf clubs can have a positive impact.

Take 3 for the Sea CEO, Sarah Beard, hopes the program will continue to expand the hard work already being accomplished by many surf clubs.

“We’ve cleaned 1.7 million square metres of beach around Australia and removed 9,700 tonnes of rubbish from those sites,” Beard said.

“We expect to see these impacts multiplied greatly in the years to come, thanks to the accessibility of the new program’s online format.”

The environmental charity was founded on the Central Coast more than 10 years ago by Roberta Dixon-Valk, Amanda Marechal and Tim Silverwood.

It began by promoting a simple message to the community to take three pieces of rubbish with them every time they were leaving a beach or any kind of waterway.

Since then, Take 3 has become globally recognised and continues to be one of the world’s leading companies in plastic pick-up and plastic re-education.

The online surf lifesaving club program will focus on five specific areas: litter education; litter reduction; the enforcement of the Hey Tosser! Campaign; training of how to run beach clean-ups; and, the importance of data collection.

Media release, Jul 30
Take 3 for the Sea