LPP approves Copa Men’s Shed

An artist’s impression of the Copacabana Men’s Shed

A men’s shed for Copacabana has been approved by the Central Coast Local Planning Panel, but the organising committee is on the hunt for more funds to bring the project to full fruition.

Co-ordinator Michael Mitchelmore said funding secured to date would complete the shell of the building, with construction set to begin in October.

But $100,000 was still needed to complete the internal construction, fit-out and connection of vital services, as well as disabled access provisions, he said.

“Copa Men’s Shed management committee will continue to examine all options to raise the additional funds through sponsorship, grants and other fundraising activities,” Mitchelmore said.

“Meanwhile, we are seeking support from the public and businesses in the form of cash donations, building materials or discounts on services, with donations from individuals tax deductible.

“This has been a long and at times arduous process, but the approval on August 6 will enable us to bring this long awaited and much needed community project to fruition.”

Mitchelmore said men’s sheds are vital community organisations which aim to improve men’s health and wellbeing by giving them a place to meet and work together and reconnect with the local community.

The panel approved the application with an additional stipulation on noise control and confirmed a restriction of operating hours for the workshop to 8:30am-3:30pm Monday to Friday.

The social area of the building can operate from 8:30am-10pm Monday to Saturday and from 9am-8pm on Sundays.

Documents provided with the development application say the shed will provide a practical and friendly environment, accessible to all men over the age of 18.

The Management Committee will oversee applications for membership and will assess the competence of members to handle power tools and mechanical equipment and may restrict use of the workshop.

Existing Council public parking of 56 spaces will be utilised by members and visitors, with the addition of one accessible parking space adjacent the shed at the southeast side.

In addition to a pedestrian footpath from the existing Council car parking area to the men’s shed, an accessible path will be provided from the accessible parking space adjacent to the main entrance and the existing concrete accessway from Del Rio Dr.

Terry Collins