Debt and deficits

[Forum] And we are supposed to be surprised; no way; but yes, it was to be expected; the Central Coast Council running up a huge multi million dollar debt.

And let’s not hear about the annual audit; that will tell us [if] there was or wasn’t negligence, but it won’t tell us [if] there has been incompetence.

The easy cop-out for running up a debt right now is COVID 19 but I’m afraid it doesn’t wash with thinking rate-payers.

The Mayor and the CEO need to do better than that I’m afraid.

And how does Council intend to get out of this self-made disaster; up the rates and other charges; of course; stand by.

But, we only have ourselves to blame; after all we, the ratepayers put them there.

Email, Aug 1
J. George, Terrigal