Council’s VendorPanel Marketplace to support local procurement

Central Coast Council Photo: Justin StanleyCentral Coast Council Photo: Justin Stanley

Central Coast Council is making it easier for local businesses to supply it with products and services, as part of its commitment to supporting the region’s economy and helping the wider Coast community.

Local businesses are being invited to register for the VendorPanel Marketplace, which Council uses to procure some of its goods and services.

The VendorPanel Marketplace is also used by many government agencies, so once a business registers, they will be visible to these agencies as well.

Council’s Acting Chief Financial Officer, Carlton Oldfield, said the opportunity to register as a potential supplier is part of Council’s commitment to supporting the business community and local economy which has done it tough in the current economic climate.

“Council is committed to purchasing locally whenever it can and it is feasible to do so,” Oldfield said.

“Our recent local spend has been about $150M per annum, helping to support local businesses and jobs.”

Businesses which supply low-risk goods and services unlikely to cause harm can register directly at centralcoast.

There is an additional step for businesses which supply medium to high-risk activities such as working at heights, with mobile plant or demolition work.


These businesses should email Council for additional information at prequalification@centralcoast. before registering.

Mayor Lisa Matthews said purchasing locally when possible is part of a range of ways Council is assisting the community.

“We know that helping entrepreneurs and businesses thrive has flow-on effects for our community – creating local jobs, reducing the need to commute out of the area for work and improving the quality of life for workers and their families,” Cr Matthews said.

Media release, Aug 5
Central Coast Council