Bush walkers have far less impact on COSS lands

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[FORUM] I read with interest your article entitled “Council rejects motion to keep mountain bikers out of COSS lands” and noted a number of anomalies.

I have been a bush walker for many years and have enjoyed the environmental experience of being able to walk in the wilderness in a situation where I, my wife and friends are able to experience such with a minimal environmental impact.

Sadly, I have witnessed in recent months what I can only describe as environmental vandalism; mountain bikers who have overnight transformed areas of Kincumber Mountain into a wasteland.

I challenge Cr Holstein and his committee to come with me and other walkers and see the destruction that uncaring mountain bikers have wreaked on the mountain.

Personally, I am not opposed to riders having designated areas for recreational riding. There are plenty of fire trails for them to ride and I also agree that purpose-built trails should be made, however many of the trails are not purpose built.

They have been built at the whim of what I would call vandals! When I have questioned riders on some of these trails I have been subjected to foul mouthed abuse.

There are beautiful areas of rainforest on Kincumber Mountain which are being destroyed by these vandals.

Earlier on I questioned why these tracks were being made and was told by one of the writers on their Facebook page that bush walkers were just as destructive to the environment as riders.

I question the empirical evidence on which they base these claims. Simply watching half a dozen walkers walking a trail and then watching the same number of cyclists, one will note that it is not rocket science that their claims are based on pure hogwash.

Cr Holstein I ask that you get out and see the true destruction that these “Eco-warriors” (NOT) are doing to vulnerable areas of the COSS. Bush walkers do not chop down trees, dig up areas of flora and smash rocks up to build ramps for their jumps!

As stated, I am not opposed to the riders enjoying the environment. There are many kilometres of fire trails around the Coast that can be enjoyed by riders.

By all means build purposebuilt tracks for the riders but please don’t insult our intelligence by suggesting that walkers do the same amount of damage as the riders. I note one of the interviewees is a PhD candidate.

I hope that he pursues empirical evidence in the formation and writing of his thesis rather than rely on unfounded opinion such as some riders have put forward about bushwalkers.

Email. Aug 15
P. Brandon, Kincumber