Whither local input on planning?

Chair of the new Local Planning Panel, Donna Rygate.

[Forum] Why has the State Government overridden council’s decisions on planning policy?

Is it going to take personal responsibility for the planning of our region and accept the local input?

All politicians and public servants are our servants and should do as they are told by the majority, that’s called democracy.

The planning of the Kariong, Bambara Rd development should be [assessed by] the national parks.

The old scientific wording comes to mind – if in doubt don’t.

But because of the developer’s friends in the political system they will always override the people.

We don’t need them at all.

So, I appeal to governments of all persuasions listen to your people or face annihilation at the next elections, whenever they are held.

One other thing, why do we have interference to our council’s in NSW from people who don’t live in the area?

Email, July 6
Robert Findley, Point Clare