We could finish up with a lot of lonely funerals

Letters to the editor

On a recent shopping trip to our local Aldi store, I took the time to observe some customer actions.

45 people within five minutes entered the store, and although the hand sanitizer was readily available, not one person used it, groups were entering well within the distances required, at no time did anyone attempt to maintain the required distance.

Later that same day, I observed almost the same activities.

Question, are these people stupid, just too lazy, or both?

And who is supposed to police these activities?

Many other shops around the area have a system that is close to, if not, perfect and has a staff member keeping an eye on it.

We are heading for hard times with the virus up until a vaccine is found and without some compliance with safety rules being maintained, a lot of people are going to get very sick and many will die.

As there are a lot of aged people living in the coastal area, we could finish up with a lot of lonely funerals.

I believe that if a business cannot find a way to supervise the rules then they should not be allowed to open.

I would like to see your paper have someone (maybe Sue Murray) dedicated to investigating the system in the area and do an in-depth story, as a lot of people still think that the whole thing is a joke.

People need to be shown that laziness and stupidity are not a cure for what has the potential to be the biggest killer of our people since the second world war.

I’m 82 and want to live a bit longer to see my kids, grandkids and great grand kids grow up and may even become a great, great granddad.

Email, Jul 16
Jim Naylor, San Remo