Volunteers make a big difference to our lifestyles

Disabled Surfers Association makes a real difference.Disabled Surfers Association makes a real difference. Archive 2017.

[Forum] What is the community without our volunteers?

Where would we be without environmental groups such as Landcare and Dunecare, disability services such as Breakaway, sporting groups like the Disabled Surfers Association and services for the unemployed, homeless and families in crisis?

Without the services of our many volunteer community groups, life would be much harder and certainly not all of what we expect from our authorities would be completed or kept up to scratch.

One such group of volunteers which continues to try to make a difference is the former Northern Lakes Disability Tourism Precinct Committee, which six years ago initiated and physically built the Lakes Beach access ramp.

This included the Sisters of Mercy and the army of women, who not only worked beside the crew, they also supplied the lunches.

Hampered by Central Coast Council and condemned in the Council chambers by a certain Councillor that it would not last 12 months, the ramp continues to support access for everyone who wishes to frequent the beach.

Palliative care officers have been seen wheeling patients in their beds to the observation deck for their last view and sounds of the ocean.

Rehabilitation groups continue to use the facility due to its unique design, whilst easier access helps families over the dune and on to the beach.

Those who continue to service the ramp are unique in their own way.

People like Steve and Kylie Mannix, Gay and Wayne Osborne, Paul Davis and other amazing committed community stalwarts.

On June 18, this group offered more of their time to clean up the garden at the walkway entrance that had been neglected for the six years since its opening.

The garden is a not-too-fancy remembrance to acknowledge the many within our community who dedicated over 66 consecutive days to design and build this unique infrastructure for the wider community.

Today, Council still neglects the site in many ways.

Garbage impacts on the Safety Zone for those in wheelchairs, maintenance is very poor and the garden is neglected, yet Council has the audacity to have the Lakes Beach as number three on their website for accessible areas.

I thank those thousands of dedicated volunteers who unselfishly give their time to making the Central Coast a better place.

As for those who opposed the structure and went out of their way to criticise the project, we look forward to you coming to our next clean-up day and maybe using your hands other than your mouth.

Email, Jun 19
Gary Blaschke, Lake Munmorah

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