Time for Australia to become self-sufficient


[Forum] COVID-19 continues to affect major parts of the world, albeit with few cases in Australia (fortunately).

It is time to plan for our future.

How will Australia handle an influx of overseas visitors who may be unknowingly infected with COVID-19?

As we have already seen simple testing upon arrival is not effective in identifying potentially infectious persons.

This is not like the simple inspection of baggage and parcels that the Border Patrol now does.

What you are looking for is invasive and invisible.

Data indicates that travellers must be quarantined for at least 14 days.

This will become a huge and very expensive problem clearly each day’s travellers must be segregated from the follow-on groups (first in first out).

Who will pay for quarantine facilities?

Surely those travelling must bear the cost of their own quarantine.

That is a sensible policy, but it will severely limit the number of travellers if in addition to ticket and visa costs each traveller must make an upfront deposit of $XXXX to cover their quarantine costs.

What this means is that it is now time to move Australia to self-sufficiency in energy across the board (coal to diesel, gas to gasoline, electricity via solar, coal and nuclear).

Email, Jul 1
T Bard, Tascott