Terrigal Boardwalk survey

Artists impression of the proposed boardwalk at Terrigal.Artists impression of the proposed boardwalk at Terrigal.

[Forum] Adam Crouch MP’s latest newsletter tells us the vast majority of our community endorses the Terrigal Boardwalk project.

He says a survey from council shows 81 per cent of Terrigal locals strongly support or support, the boardwalk.

The following figures come directly from council’s website. Of 688 written submissions 52 per cent expressed general support for the proposal while 48 per cent expressed a lack of support for the proposal.

Breaking down these numbers into Terrigal and outsiders:

  • Supportive: Terrigal 56 per cent
  • Non Terrigal: 51 per cent
  • Not Supportive: Terrigal 44 per cent
  • Non Terrigal 48 per cent.

Face to face street interviews:

  • Supportive; Terrigal 44 per cent
  • Non Resident 56 per cent
  • Of these 49 per cent were very supportive, 15 per cent were supportive, 17 per cent were somewhat, 7 per cent were not very and 12 per cent not at all.

The supporter’s reasons: Better access, recreation, tourism and a positive visual design.

The non-supporters’: high cost, negative visuals, lack of need, impact on current use of the rock platform and ecological impact pollution.

Does the “81 per cent of Terrigal locals’ come from a council survey as Mr Crouch reports or from another source?

As shown above they already had a survey. I think it is disingenuous to mislead the public if what I have shown is correct.

Email, Jul 23
Tom Raine, Wamberal