Sports ground fees frozen at current levels

Councillor Kyle MacGregor speaks up at a council meeting. Image archiveCouncillor Kyle MacGregor speaks up at a council meeting. Image archive 2017

Current fees and charges for sporting groups and ground hire will remain the same for the next financial year after Central Coast Council put a freeze on increasing them.

At an extraordinary meeting on June 29, the Council adopted its fees and charges for next financial year. While most fees and charges saw some sort of increase, the sports fees were kept at today’s levels. Councillor Kyle MacGregor added the sports freeze to the original recommendation.

“I was pleased to be able to support our local sporting community through freezing the fees and charges for community sporting groups,” Cr MacGregor said.

“A practical example was the proposed increase of $50 for the key bonds, on top of the $2000 that clubs already pay. “This causes animosity and angst between sporting clubs and council. “I saw no justification for the proposed increase and that was why I stopped this and the other proposed increases to sporting fees and charges.

“Our local sports clubs are the backbone of our community, they keep people active, healthy and bring people together. “Community and club sport should be affordable and accessible for all people on the Central Coast and to encourage people to play fees and charges must be kept low.”

Source Agenda Item 3.1 Central Coast Council meeting June 29 Press Statement, June 30 Councillor Kyle MacGregor

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