Self-regulation is not working

Letters to the editor

[Forum] The following letter is in response to the article ‘Mystery clearing of Darkinjung site’ that appeared on the front page of edition 250; Selfregulation, as we have seen and heard too often has not been successful in combating the COVID pandemic.

Why have state and local government’s adopted selfregulation to identify those responsible, person or entity for illegal land clearing at Kariong? Missing in action are the Minister for Planning and CEO of the Central Coast Council, for whom action in the Land and Environment Court (L&E) is to be avoided more so than the pandemic.

Early signs indicate there will not be referral to the L&E Court for action.

Who is in control of this development at Kariong? Darkinjung Aboriginal Land Council Chairperson, Matthew West, has confirmed illegal clearing occurred some time ago yet there has been apathy from both levels of government.

Stand by for many more controversial matters. Illegal land clearing will not be the first and only problem to be questioned, by the media and the public.

Jake Cassar’s concerns are justified. From the outset Jake Cassar has highlighted serious environmental issues while the Joint Regional Planning Panel has performed as intended, to assist and negotiate development approval. It is not a hurdle as claimed. The numbers are with the government appointed members, do the math.

Letter, Jul 12 Norman Harris, Umina