San Remo BMX Track upgrades completed

Tristyn Kronk showing off part of the resurfaced San Remo BMX Track Photo: San Remo BMX Club

San Remo BMX Track has been upgraded.

Over the past fortnight improvements have been carried out by the team from BMX Tracks Australia, who worked to resurface parts of the track, add new jumps and improve drainage around the area.

The BMX track consultancy, design and building company is operated by former national BMX Champion and world title finalist rider, Tristyn Kronk.

Specialising in track building by riders for riders, Kronk said the San Remo upgrade was no exception.

“We were contracted to give the existing track more variety so that riders could improve their skills,” Kronk explained.

The other major aspect of the project was improving the track’s overall sense of flow, something Kronk said is extremely important to a track’s longevity.

“There’s quite an art to specialising a track’s layout.

“It’s not enough to just put in different jumps, you need to make sure they’re going in the right places.

“A track can have some great jumps but if they’re in the wrong spot they just detract from that sense of flow that riders get when they’re on a good track.

“Ultimately, it’s that sense of flow that makes riding fun, so track layout is really important to long term viability,” Kronk said.

With the works now complete, Kronk believes that the still relatively new San Remo BMX Track is well positioned to become an important community sporting asset.

“It’s an excellent facility and I know it services a lot of kids and young riders already.

“It’s also great to see the support for BMX coming from Central Coast Council, so I think it’s only going to grow,” Kronk said.

Interview, Jul 7
Tristyn Kronk, BMX Tracks Australia
Reporter: Dilon Luke