Pacific Highway upgrade through Wyong not welcome

Letters to the editor

[Forum] I would not be in a hurry for the Pacific Highway upgrade through Wyong.

It will take four years and cost $400M.

The upgrade finishes just past Aldi, where it will return to a single lane in each direction.

Basically, it is moving a traffic jam from the end of Tuggerah Straight to the front of Aldi.

Other outcomes from this “upgrade” are that buses will not stop at the station anymore.

They stop in bays on the highway.

Going north you will have to cross the highway to get to the station.

All parking, repeat, all parking will move across the bridge to a new multi-storey car park in Rose St on the site of the present unused commuter car park as Wyong Race Course will have a new car park!

Drop off and pick up from the station will only be permitted over the bridge on the Howarth St side of the station and parking meters will control on-street parking in the town centre.

If a few more Central Coast train stations are upgraded like this, they will need to put another lane on the M1 Motorway.

Email, Jun 29
James Donachie, Wyong