Not happy with poor approach to governance of our area

Letters to the editor

[Forum] I write in regard to the story “Retrospective approval sought for boarding house” (Chronicle, June 3) about a Toukley funeral home being converted without Central Coast Council consent and now asking to have the change of use approved.

I am even more surprised that the owners have already made the changes and put in place some residents.

How can any law abiding ratepayer and resident be okay with this?

Why are all other residents following the development application process when people like this can just build the development first and then seek approval later and Council still seriously consider it?

I am not sure what that says about our Council approval process.

Are they incompetent, ignorant, inconsiderate, or all three?

I have written letters to Councillors Best, Vincent and Hogan, and Wyong MP, David Harris, and the best response I got was that my objection was noted.

I’ve looked at the community groups on facebook and apart from angry face emojis and terse messages, no real action seems to happen.

How does an average local resident like me get the attention of our Council to let them know that we are not happy with this poor approach to governance of our area?

Please keep reporting on these issues.

Maybe one day, someone will take some action before our neighbourhood becomes a dumping ground for inconsiderate politicians who are not interested in the best interests of the quiet majority of residents and only seem interested in getting re-elected.

Facebook Messenger, Jul 6
Wayne Williams, Toukley