New mural for bus stop as Waggy Hall reopens

As Coronavirus restrictions ease, public venues in Wagstaffe are being targeted by community members for reopening and rejuvenation.

Members of the Wagstaffe to Killcare Community Association (WKCA) have been undertaking a variety of projects in and around Wagstaffe square for the benefit of the community and have also reopened Wagstaffe Hall.

The rejuvenation works centre around the garden patch that surrounds the paperbark tree in the centre of Wagstaffe square as well as scrubbing away dirt caked onto the bus stop adjacent the Hall on Wagstaffe Avenue.

These efforts began in March and were finished in May.

The addition of a sculpture to the garden is currently being organised by the Association in consultancy with the community who are encouraged to contribute ideas for the final design.

Local artist, Virginia Henderson, is also currently in the process of completing a mural on the inside of the bus stop.

“She’s been entertained by the interest of passing pedestrian and school kids from the bus,” said Association member, Helen Menzies.

“All of us have been reminded yet again, in a world that’s chaotic, how lucky we are to live where we live.”

The decision to reopen Wagstaffe Hall was made by the Association, who manage the use of the hall, however its use is contingent upon the upkeep of various Coronavirus safe practices which will be enforced by the Association.

“Our regular hirers have been informed of requirements and may resume activities once they have made arrangements with their respective groups,” said Association President, Mike Allsop.

“We are starting to see further event enquiries and inspections ramp up as well, and these will all be made well aware of the various requirements in place currently.

“The hall itself has had some maintenance work undertaken by a band of volunteers led by Ian Bull.

“Our thanks go to Ian and Dave Loker and in particular to Ken Tough who has done a sterling job for us.”

On Monday, 13 July, the Association will use Wagstaffe Hall to host their Annual General Meeting, followed by their first community meeting post lockdown, at 7:30 pm.

Haakon Barry

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