If we don’t contain costs then jobs will be lost

Nurses and Midwives Association members protest against proposed wage freeze out side Gosford hospital.

It’s fascinating how certain sections of the community are voicing opposition to the public service pay freeze.

At a time when all state and federal governments are in horrific debt, the leadership of some groups are oblivious to the perilous position of our finances.

I have questioned several public servants who say that the rank and file public servant is aware of the need for restraint, but this seems to have been lost on their leadership.

With a yearly CPI increase, the public sector has enjoyed a 25 per cent increase over the past 10 years.

These yearly increases compound and are ultimately unaffordable.

Most private sector workers have not had an increase over this period.

70 per cent of Australians are now in receipt of some form of government financial support.

The private sector is bleeding jobs.

Government’s only option is to shed jobs as revenue dries up if costs cannot be contained.

I am not advocating for a reduction in public sector wages, rather a call to understand that if we don’t contain our costs, then jobs will be lost.

Common, let’s all pull together.

Email, Jun 2
Garry Clifford, Glenning