Holiday travel warning from police

Brisbane Water Police District officers are reminding residents and travellers to stay safe on NSW roads these school holidays.

With thousands of people expecting to be travelling on our roads during the first holiday period since COVID restrictions have been eased officers want road users to remain alert and aware of their surroundings.

“We understand and appreciate everyone’s desire to get out and explore parts of the state outside of our local towns, but with a large influx of traffic on the roads, we all have to be aware that some drivers haven’t been behind the wheel of a car in three-months.” Brisbane Water Police Commander, Superintendent Tony Joice said.

“With Queensland re-opening its border with NSW from July 10 and many people heading north to chase the warmer weather, we all have to be patient – there will be delays, there will be congestion, but please take your time and don’t rush.

“Ensure you take regular breaks at rest stops along the way, drive to the conditions and don’t have your mobile phone anywhere within reach while behind the wheel.

“In saying that, before you head out for that road trip, make sure your vehicle has been given an appropriate safety check by a mechanic – particularly if it’s been stored in a garage for some time collecting dust.

“With a larger volume of vehicles and caravans on the road, we are urging drivers to please take it easy and don’t rush – it’s better to get to your destination a couple of hours later than not arriving at all.

“Popular locations such as the Central Coast and beach suburbs will also likely see an influx of visitors during the next fortnight. Please keep in mind social distancing when out in public and adhere to all relevant COVID-safe plans and rules at pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants.

“We aren’t out of the woods yet with COVID-19, we all still have to be alert and following social distancing guidelines.

“This is even more important in regional and rural locations where a large portion of holidaymakers will be from out of town,” Supt Joice said.

Website, Jul 6
Tony Joice, Brisbane Water Police