Free capoeira classes in Warnervale

A new capoeira class has launched at Warnervale.

Grupo Capoeiras Inc. has launched the new classes at Warnervale Community Hall after receiving grant funding from Central Coast Council to get classes up and running.

An Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines acrobatics, dance and music, capoeira is practiced around the world as both a fighting style and for fitness, with its unique movements known to improve balance, flexibility, agility and strength.

Grupo Capoeira Inc. founder, Pedro Martin, has spent a lifetime mastering capoeira.

Known as ‘Formando Comprido’ in capoeira circles, Martin has helped the movement take off in both his home country of Spain, where he learnt his craft, and now in Australia, as the founder of Grupo Capoeiras Australia.

In 2017, he also founded Grupo Capoeiras Central Coast and has been teaching classes at Canton Beach ever since.

Now with council’s grant funding, Martin is able to offer the new Warnervale classes for free and hopes to introduce more people to the sport he loves.

“We offer capoeira classes for kids and adults.

“The combination of dance, acrobatics, music and martial arts, makes capoeira a wonderful experience.

“Young and old, men and women, beginners and advanced, everybody is welcome,” Martin said.

With capoeira also delivering the health benefits of a more traditional workout, Martin’s adamant that first timers will enjoy themselves.

“Capoeira is for everyone.

“It is suitable for children and can help set them up with good health habits for life, but it’s also great for mum and dad.

“With classes being free, I hope more people will consider giving capoeira a go,” Martin said.

Classes will run on Monday and Friday afternoons and must be booked in advance via Martin’s website

Interview, Jun 30
Pedro Martin, Grupo Capoeiras Australia
Reporter: Dilon Luke