Drinking water and recycled water quality policies endorsed

The Drinking Water Quality Policy and the Recycled Water Quality Policy documents have gone on public exhibition for 28 days after being endorsed by councillors.

Each of the policies is an update to an existing policy of the former Wyong Shire Council or Gosford City Council.

A council report says that the draft policies do not vary any temporary measures related to COVID-19 that may be in place and they do not intend to change fees and charges.

The water policy says that council will use multiple barrier and risk based approaches to identify and appropriately manage potential threats to water quality.

It will manage water quality at all points along the delivery chain from the source to the consumer.

It says council will maintain regular monitoring of the quality of drinking water at appropriate locations, effective reporting mechanisms to provide relevant and timely information, as well as promote confidence in the water supply and its management.

It will continually improve its practices by regularly assessing performance against regulatory requirements, corporate commitments and stakeholder expectations.

The recycled water policy is based on a template developed for the water industry under the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling.

The policy says that the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling are designed to provide an authoritative reference that can be used to support beneficial and sustainable recycling of waters generated from sewage, grey water and stormwater.

“Council supports and promotes the responsible and sustainable management and use of recycled water, and the application of a best practice multi-barrier management approach that consistently meets the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling, as well as recycled water uses and regulatory requirements,” the report says.

Reporter: Merilyn Vale

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