Barber shop duo raises $4,000 for breast cancer research

The Private Studio Nick Senam and Jacob Koster (pictured) have raised 4K for breast cancer research

Two Terrigal barbers have raised thousands of dollars for breast cancer research by holding a 24 hour barber challenge.

The Private Studio’s Nick Senam and Jacob Koster trimmed their way to $4,000 for research charity, Breast Cancer Trials, by keeping the doors open for a full day on June 27.

To drum up interest the pair enlisted the help of mates and several local businesses, with a full line up of activities, giveaways and entertainment sprinkled throughout the 24 hours to keep curiosity high and donations flowing.

From a DJ set to cocktail demonstrations, the fundraiser had it all, and hundreds of inquisitive Coasties turned up to see Senam and Koster churn out dozens of cuts, shaves and even a few pink dye jobs for the cause.

All up Senam reckons over 100 people had their haircut with plenty more just popping in to hang out and enjoy the spectacle, but what surprised him was the number of Coasties who came in just to donate.

“Jacob and I both have a lot of clients whose lives have been touched by breast cancer which is why we wanted to do something to show our support.

“Barber shops are considered male dominated spaces, so we wanted to let the ladies know we’re thinking of them,” Senam said.

Despite putting more than a month into planning for the big day Senam said he was still coming to terms with just how successful the 24 hour barber challenge was.

“I’m still trying to process it.

“Everything just seemed to happen so organically on the day so it’s all really indescribable.

“We had so many people just come in to donate, people we don’t even know, so it all felt very next level.

Interview, Jul 1
Nick Senam, The Private Studio
Reporter: Dilon Luke