Avoca Beach tree fighting for its life

A Norfolk Island Pine tree on Avoca Beach is fighting for its life after apparently being struck by lightning in recent weeks.

A Central Coast Council spokesperson said an assessment of the tree, which is located just north of the surf club at the southern end of the beach, by Council’s qualified arborist had revealed no obvious sign of tampering or vandalism and concluded it must have been hit by lightning.

“The tree will be continually monitored to assess its ongoing health while it attempts to regenerate,” the spokesperson said.

“This process, through experience with other Norfolk Island Pine’s on the Central Coast, can take up to nine months.

“The best case (scenario) is that the damage will be limited to a point that the tree survives and can be pruned of any dead branches.

“Council will continue to monitor the health of the tree on a regular basis and take necessary action, if appropriate, to ensure the community’s safety.”

The spokesperson said the risk of dead branches falling during the regeneration period is very low and the current root system will continue to support the tree

“Pruning during this period will only cause greater stress on the tree.

“Pruning can only be done when the tree stabilises or shows signs of new growth.”

Media release, Jun 30
Central Coast Council