A good hard look at ourselves

Australian flag 'made in China'

I completely agree with T. Bard (CCN Edition 249) when we have to now turn inward and start to look after ourselves instead of depending on other nations [and hollowing out our] manufacturing sector.

The trouble started with the Whitlam Government when he allowed our footwear and clothing to go offshore.

This helps other nations to keep us under their thumbs.

I can’t buy clothing or shoes made in Australia.

Why I ask – well, we all know why, it’s all now cheap slave labour.

This is no better than the slaves in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The wages of the overpaid bureaucrats and senior public servants is now as out of control as the salaries of CEO’s of companies.

Maybe we just can’t afford them.

It may be okay for foreign nations, but we now have American culture in our system that must be brought under control.

I wonder if these people really care about the nation or are just too greedy for their own good.

We had a wonderful country and were self-reliant, but not now.

Let’s get back our country and leave something decent for our children and grandchildren.

Email, Jul 4
Robert Findley, Point Clare

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