We need to give it a red hot go

[Forum] I read Sue Wynn’s letter (Chronicle, May 27) and was struck by how far we need to go to get a change in our country.

We all love breathing clean air, and to this end I would agree, but to pause the fossil fuel button would mean the demise of our economy.

Sue said, trust the scientists as we have done during the COVID-19 pandemic, but fails to point out that their modelling was grossly inaccurate.

Sure, our governments have done well to avoid the devastation that we have seen overseas, but to say they got it right is to exaggerate.

Renewable power is not able to supply the needs of industry and any suggestion to the contrary is false.

See Michael Moore’s documentary on YouTube titled “Planet of the Humans”.

Michael Moore is renowned as a left leaning activist.

If electric cars were wanted by the population, their sales would reflect this, but they don’t.

Exactly where does the power come from that powers them?

Sue talks about the bushfires, but fails to point out that gum trees are living fireworks that are highly volatile.

She also doesn’t acknowledge the poor forest management practices that lead to these massive fires.

Throughout recorded history, we have had drought and tragic bushfires.

It’s not uncommon.

Sue talks about saving the Great Barrier Reef, from what?

I was there in March and I can tell you, it’s in good shape.

Peter Ridd, a scientist from James Cook University, was in court on May 28 fighting to save his career all because he had the hide to say the reef wasn’t in the sort of trouble being touted by the science community.

Sue talks about keeping JobKeeper, but doesn’t mention how we would pay for it.

The debt burden we face and the prospect of further financial pain inflicted by China will see us, as a nation, struggle for the next 20 years.

Sue talks about the suitable crops we should grow but ignores the fact that we are producing more food than ever before in our history.

Yes, Australia is a dry continent.

Why not talk about harvesting water to grow even more?

Curbing carbon dioxide is not the issue.

CO2 is at 410 PPM, historically low levels.

CO2 is vital for life and peaked at 7,000 PPM and has been dropping for the past 600 million years.

Yes, there has been a slight increase in the past 100 years, but this is nothing compared to levels in the past.

During the Ice Age events, CO2 levels were above 4,000 PPM.

Please listen to Dr Judith Curry, a climatologist on YouTube, who disputes that the science is settled.

I agree that we need to give it a red hot go, but we need to be smart about it.

Low energy costs and industrial relations are vital to a successful economy.

I suggest that people stop listening to the noise and educate themselves so this nation can move ahead.

Email, May 28
Garry Clifford, Glenning Valley