Things will soon be back to normal at schools

Schools around the Coast have welcomed a further relaxation of the COVID-19 restrictions around school based activities.

On June 12, the NSW Government announced a staged resumption of school activities, including school sport, with the majority of activities expected to be back up and running by the start of Term 3.

Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning, Sarah Mitchell, said NSW schools continue to be safe, and operations are in line with NSW Health guidelines.

“All students should now be learning on campus, unless they are unwell or have a medical certificate to support their absence,” Mitchell said.

“The majority of school based activities resumed from June 15, or for school sport  at the beginning of Term 3 from July 20, in line with the resumption of community sports.

“Canteens and uniform shops can already operate with volunteers.

“From the 15th, external providers like music and drama tutors can provide services on school sites and community use activities such as dance schools can resume their use of school premises.

“Importantly, support services such as early intervention programs and external counselling services can take place on site, providing support for our most vulnerable students.

“External visitors and community providers must ensure that they maintain physical distancing and abide by all health and hygiene requirements,” Mitchell said.

“We continue to ask parents and carers to limit their access to school sites except for essential parent/teacher meetings, although parents and teachers can continue to use online meetings,” she added.

Mitchell said school sporting activities, including inter-school competitions, can also resume from the beginning of Term 3.

“School sport is a vital part of the curriculum and our communities, providing the right balance to academic activities and helping to maintain the health and wellbeing of students.

“Non-contact, school sporting activities can already take place on site, but from the beginning of Term 3, contact sport and external sporting competitions can start again.

“Schools will simply be in lockstep with the community with regard to sport, given that community sports were given the go ahead as of July 1.

“The community has done such a great job in reducing the spread of COVID-19 that restrictions can now be further relaxed and we can get our schools back on a normal footing.

“Some activities remain under review, including excursions, school camps and on-site parent events.

“We will continue to reassess these in line with the latest health advice,” Mitchell said.

A full list of activities allowed to take place from the 15th, as well as a list of activities allowed to take place from Term 3 onwards is available on the NSW Department of Education’s website.

Press release, Jun 12
NSW Department of
Education Media