Terrigal is a shambles

The Wilson Road Carpark is set to fully reopen in the coming weeksThe Wilson Road Carpark is set to fully reopen in the coming weeks. Archive Just 2017

[Forum] I’ve lived on the Coast for around 40 years, so I think I qualify to be a local.

Have followed the changes in various areas, some for the better and others for the worst, but that’s the world.

I’ve chosen Terrigal as my destination as I live close by.

Terrigal used to be quaint, charming and even a little sophisticated.

It used to have the village atmosphere with very good small shops.

Still has SPAR which is excellent, but shopping centres partly took care of the disappearance of the small shops.

Now what has happened the last many years is a mismanagement of Terrigal and close by areas.

No breathing space anymore and development of buildings everywhere you can fit it in with no green spaces around.

Many of the so called high rise buildings with units are sold as investment properties which means that people don’t live there on a permanent basis.

This does not create a community.

Last week’s report in Coast News regarding parking in Terrigal – well, I would like to know at what time of the day or night and time of the year that assessment was made because it does not make sense.

Parking in Terrigal is in shambles.

I strongly feel that the thinking behind Terrigal parking is this: The Haven is going to be part of the CBD parking, hence the fact the new Haven walkway is made to make it an easy walk, and please spare me any more lines regarding how oldies and people with strollers cannot walk up the hill.

This is absolute manipulatory talk which people “buy” and political votes may be reached.

The parking at the Terrigal Surf Club is a can of worms and should have been a grassy area with benches and tables/playground.

Now, the area next to the Medical Centre will be another building and many people will choose another Medical Centre where they can park nearby.

One day there will be few people attending above and why don’t we just bulldoze it and build some more investment properties?

While we’re at it why don’t we just bulldoze the Police Station as well.

Whomever is behind the development of Terrigal is not doing it for the wellbeing of the locals but for the dollar signs in their eyes and that about sums it up.

Email, May 27
Inger Terp, North Avoca