Passion, dedication and hard work are the best medicine

Artem Nosovtsev isn’t letting COVID-19 get in the way of his aspirations

[Tuggerah] For many considering a career in health the prospect of entering the workforce at this stage of the coronavirus pandemic and the winter flu season might be off-putting, but that’s not the case for Gosford local, Artem Nosovtsev.

Nosovtsev, a TAFE NSW Diploma of Nursing graduate, is on the cusp of achieving his dream job in emergency medicine.

Nosovtsev and his family fled the politically unstable Ukraine in 2014 and came to Australia where he has grown up and been educated.

In his final years of high school in Gosford, Nosovtsev joined St John Ambulance as a First Responder and then an Advanced Responder, to administer first aid at local events and learnt about basic pre-hospital emergency care.

He loved every minute of it and decided to dedicate more time to the organisation, quickly joining its Event Health Responder Force.

While working for St John Ambulance, a colleague inspired him with her stories about perioperative nursing and saving lives in operating theatres.

It was at this point that Nosovtsev embarked on his studies with TAFE NSW Wyong.

“Since completing a Diploma of Nursing, my dreams are starting to become a reality with me working two jobs as a Scout Nurse at Tuggerah Lakes Private Hospital, and an Advanced Responder with St John Ambulance.

“My passion to work in operating theatres as a scrub nurse, which involves critical thinking and quick decision-making, is coming to fruition,” Nosovtsev said.

Nosovtsev has often treated patients with severe traumas, major bleeds, burns and much more and believes every patient helped is a major achievement.

TAFE NSW Nursing Head Teacher, Lynelle Jenkinson, said as a whole, the health sector encourages and promotes diversity because of the positive impact it has on work environments and patient care, noting that Nosovtsev has worked very hard to achieve his goals.

“TAFE NSW prepares students by teaching practical skills and facilitating quality workplace experiences so graduates can pursue career opportunities across the public and private health sector,” Jenkinson said.

“As Australia’s largest education provider, TAFE NSW has an excellent reputation with employers across the state for producing qualified and passionate nursing professionals,” Jenkinson said.

Nosovtsev is very proud of his professional growth, from first aider to perioperative nursing, with very limited English.

To achieve his unwavering ambition to work in the emergency medicine field, he plans to study a Bachelor of Paramedicine in the near future.

Press release, Jun 10
Bonny Gunn, TAFE NSW Media