Maintaining Australia’s blood supply is still vital during COVID-19

Central Coast Council has thanked all blood donors for their efforts thus far and urged all residents who can, to consider donating blood this National Blood Donor Week (June 14-20).

Red Cross Lifeblood Service spokesman, John Feist, said blood donation centres follow strict sanitisation protocols, and that additional hygiene measures have been implemented due to COVID-19.

“Maintaining Australia’s blood supply is absolutely vital and helps save the lives of cancer patients, road crash victims, new mums and babies and many other seriously ill Australians,” said Feist.

“Over the last 12 months, blood donors on the Central Coast rolled up their sleeves almost 12,000 times to help save the lives of some of Australia’s most vulnerable patients.

“In that period, Australia has faced unparalleled challenges, from devastating bushfires to the Coronavirus pandemic, yet one thing has remained consistent; the generosity of our donors.

“Whether it be rescheduling a donation, adjusting to new processes in our centres, or even changing donation type, our donors have continued to support us to support patients across the country and we cannot thank them enough,” said Feist.

Central Coast Council continues to be one of the top local workplaces for donating blood at the Gosford Donor Centre.

Council CEO, Gary Murphy, congratulated Council staff for their commitment to saving lives.

“I’m proud to be part of an organisation so dedicated to giving back to their community.

“Giving blood and plasma is a simple process that can make such a difference in many people’s lives.

“I encourage all Central Coast employers to get their staff involved, and anyone who can to make an appointment to donate blood and help save lives,” Murphy said.

There are over 10 donor centres within the boundary of the former Wyong LGA.

To find your closest donation centre, visit or call 131 495.

Press release, Jun 16
Central Coast Council Media