Gorokan has new sporting facilities

Students enjoying the new outdoor fitness gym

Gorokan Public School students are spoiled for choice when it comes to keeping fit and healthy this winter, with the school opening a handful of new active facilities in June.

The facilities include a new asphalt learning/play area, an outdoor student fitness gym and a tennis court.

The asphalt, which can be utilised for netball, basketball or handball, as well as a host of other games and activities, was the first to be opened to students, with the school’s new student fitness gym quickly following suit.

The gym includes a range of exercise equipment suitable for children such as monkey bars, a box jump station, leg press, treadmill and more, as well as a routine chart to help guide children through each exercise.

Students are also eagerly awaiting the grand opening of their tennis court, expected to be match ready in the coming weeks.

Website, Jun 12-15
Jesmond Zammit, Gorokan Public School
Reporter: Dilon Luke